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Super Junior’s Leeteuk is the first man to set foot in SISTAR’s dorm

In an upcoming episode of KBS JOY’s ‘Super Junior and SISTAR’s Hello Baby‘, Leeteukmade a surprise visit to SISTAR’s dorm!
SISTAR’s dorm has never been shown on TV before, and even their managers have been barred from entering the sacred place. Despite the members blocking him from entering, Leeteuk became the first ever male to set foot in their dorm.
Leeteuk immediately put the opportunity to use by bringing out his variety skills. Not only did he dig around every corner of their rooms, but even revealed their diaries and searched for any traces of possible boyfriends.
Check out other fun scenes like Super Junior’s reaction to Leeteuk becoming a father and SISTAR’s cute display of aegyo in an effort to win the affections of baby Kyumin. It all airs on September 2nd at 12 AM KST!

Super Junior’s Heechul enlists with the army

On September 1st, Super Junior’s Heechul thanked his fans and the press before formally enlisting with the army.
Hundreds of fans from all over the world crowded the entrance before his arrival. The star arrived wearing a hat, which he took off in order to greet his fans. With a bright smile, he began, “I wasn’t going to greet anyone before enlisting, but I think my haircut came out okay.”
He continued with a bow, “I’ll come back as an adult. Thank you so much for coming all the way out here. After making a cute pose for the cameras, he added, “Please edit the pictures nicely if you’re going to upload them!”
Although he stayed for only a brief moment, he made sure to wave to his fans before leaving the scene. Hundreds of fans shouted in unison, “Be well, we’ll wait for you until the end.” Some emotional fans couldn’t help but shed tears over his enlistment.
Heechul will be receiving four weeks of training at the Nonsan training camp before beginning his service as a member of the public service personnel for 23 months.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chocolat releases debut MV, “Syndrome”

Rookie girl group Chocolat have been a hot topic for weeks, thanks to the fact that they were touted as a bi-racial group. Many were curious to see what these girls would bring to the table, and now they’ll finally get to find out through their debut music video, which was released today.
The music video for “Syndrome” sees the girls bring a strong charm and sharp dance moves that match well with the song’s catchy beat.
Check out their debut MV below, and tell us your thoughts on this brand new idol group!

Chocolat members share their parents’ love stories

As Korea’s first ever bi-racial group, Chocolat immediately caught everyone’s attention thanks to their unique, if not exotic appeal. While the girls are certainly cute and charming, many expressed interest in learning about their parents’ love stories.
Born in America and raised in Japan, Tia (15) spent her adolescent years going back and forth between Korea and Japan. She said, “I was born in America but after six months, I flew to Japan. When I was 7 years old, I came to Korea, but then returned to Japan when I was 10. I went back to Korea after just two years. I’ve been in Korea for about two years so far.
Tia continued, “My mom and my dad first met when my mom moved to Hawaii. She said that it was love at first sight. They married shortly after and she had to move to Japan because of my dad’s work.

Maknae Melanie (15) also revealed that her parents first met when they were in Hawaii. Melanie said, “My mom and her friend owned a restaurant together in Hawaii, and my dad said he fell in love with my mom when he ate at her restaurant. My dad was a soldier at the time, but he still followed my mom around. After a while, he brought my grandparents over to introduce my mom, and they got married.”
Melanie and Tia’s mothers’ were already acquainted with one another from when they lived in Hawaii, and bonded quickly as they shared many similarities, one being that their daughters were of similar age. It was because of Tia’s mother that Melanie’s mother became aware of the group Chocolat.
Julianne (19) told a similar story about her parents, as she explained, “I heard that they met through a friend. I’m not sure how the story goes, but I think that my dad liked my mom more. They married, gave birth to me, and then left for Texas when I was about 6 years old. We lived there for about 5 years“.
Julianne and Melanie’s mothers also knew each other and Julianne became a part of Chocolat through Melanie’s mothers’ suggestion.

 The eldest member, SoA (23) shared that she managed to become a part of Chocolat after auditioning in Australia. As for her parents’ love story, she explained, “My mom and my dad are 7 years apart. They say that my dad kept following my mother around. My mom was naive and young, so she fell for my dad’s perseverance. Luckily because of him, I was born.
Last, but certainly not least, Jae Yoon (21) revealed, “My parents were a campus couple. They already had their future set.” She also said that she had received a trophy every time she went on singing talent shows, making her parents very proud. She once went on a singing talent show when she was 12 years old, and had performed while playing the piano. Ever since then, Jaeyoon decided that she wanted to be a singer when she grew up.

Jaeyoon ended her story with a little comment directed towards her parents, “I’m always thankful for my parents. There are still so many hardships I have to go through, but I want to make my parents proud. That’s my main goal.


Chocolat reveals dance practice video for “Syndrome”

Two weeks ago, girl group Chocolat made their debut with “Syndrome“, a catchy pop track that aimed to showcase the sassy, yet sweet charms of its five singers.
On August 28th, Chocolat’s official YouTube channel uploaded the dance practice video for “Syndrome”. Though rookies, the girls seen busting out their moves in kill heels with ease.
Check out their rehearsal video below!

First Bi-Racial Girl Group "ChOCoLaT" Debut

Chocolat (쇼콜라)

Korea’s music industry seems to attract more and more girl groups and Paramount Music has taken a further step in creating a new “Bi-Racial” 5-member girl group called “Chocolat” to debut soon on August 17th!!

This girl group has caught the attention of many because of its unique combination of members consisting of 2 Koreans and 3 half-Korean and half-Caucasian. The members are: Melanie (Maknae), Tia(Maknae), JulianeJeyoon (Vocalist) and Minsoa (Leader) with the youngest starting with 14 years old. Due to this mix of members and two races, they have been called “Bi-Racial” and they have been a trainee for more than two years at Paramount Music.

So, apparently the big selling point for these girls is that 3 of the 5 are bi-racial--with American dads and Korean moms. A Paramount Music representative explained “Just like how chocolate has different flavors, Chocolat will be a group that has a variety of different charms to show on stages all over the world. You can definitely look forward to the birth of a great new rookie star. Their debut track is a club style dance track.”, and described their music as "[music that] can be considered a mix of club and electronic dance songs. They’re perfect clubbing songs to listen to in the summer. You can coAugustnsider it a mix of T-ara’s ‘Roly Poly‘ disco music and 2NE1’s ‘I Am the Best‘ dance music". Chocolat is set to release their debut track, Syndrome, on August 17th with their debut performance set for  18th's Mnet's "M! Countdown".

We’ve seen plenty of girl groups debut with attention-grabbing concepts, but this is the first girl group ever that’s specifically comprised of bi-racial members
For the first time ever, Korea will be seeing a new girl group debut comprised of bi-racial members. 
Produced by Paramount Music, 5-member girl group Chocolat will be making their official debut on August 17th. They’ve managed to turn quite a few heads in the industry already, thanks to their unique combination of members.
The five girls include two Koreans and three half-Caucasian, half-Korean members. All three of the bi-racial ladies have American fathers and Korean mothers. With an average age of 18.6, the girls have been training intensively for the past two years and a half. 
Member Profiles

Min Soa
  • Age: 21 (birth year 1991)
  • Position : Leader


  • Age: 21 (birth year 1991)
  • Position : Vocalist


  • Date of Birth: 15/03/1997
  • Height: 171cm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Hobbies: Singing, dancing, taking photos
  • Skills: Modeling, Prague-style dance

  • Date of Birth: 05/05/1997
  • Height: 162cm
  • Skills: Cheerleading

  • Date of Birth: 12/12/1993
  • Height: 168cm
  • Hobbies: Dancing, exercising, watching movies
  • Skills: Sports, trampoline

Their Introduction video
Chocolat Dance
Chocolat's Tia Dance Practice

Friday, August 26, 2011

Strong Heart – Episode 18 eng sub

Guests: After School’s Gahee and Uee, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha and Jea, Lee Joon, Jung Yonghwa, Wheesung, Danny Ahn, Jung Ga Eun, Brian, 2PM’s Taecyeon and Junho, SNSD’s Yoona, Sooyoung, Tiffany and Seohyun, Lee Soo Geun, Hong Soo Ah, etc.

110824 Next TV Entertainment – SJ M Long Stay in Taiwan eng

It’s a surprise release that’s stunned fans all over the world – SM Entertainment has just unveiled the music video for Super Junior’s “Superman“!
“Superman” is the bonus track found in ‘Version B’ of Super Junior’s 5th album, “Mr. Simple“. Its music video is comprised of concert clips and behind-the-scenes footage from their photoshoot and MV filming.
Check out the MV below!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Star Date with Miss A - Summer Special with English subs

110807 Dream Team 2 episode 92 Girls Summer Special eng sub

Guest Bora (SISTAR), Dasom (SISTAR), Jae Kyung (Rainbow), Hyunyoung (Rainbow), Dana (CSJH), Sunday (CSJH), Eun Ji (Nine Muses), Hyemi (Nine Muses), Min Ah (Girls’ Day), Sojin (Girls’ Day), Viki (Dal Shabet), Subin (Dal Shabet), Joy (Rania), Tae (Rania), Aurora (Jiwon)
Also at the beginning Jung Ah (After School), Rania (After School), Baby J (Jewelry), Eunjung (Jewelry)


Check out Big Bang’s new song for ‘The North Face’!

Over the past few weeks, allkpop has been covering numerous articles about Big Bang’s endorsement for outdoors apparel brand, ‘The North Face‘.
On August 25th, a music video/CF featuring G-DragonSeungriT.O.P., and Taeyang was released online, featuring shots of boys tackling various excursions while rocking The North Face’s clothes and equipment. Excitedly, it seems that the boys created a song exclusively for this endorsement (although the title has yet to be revealed).
Check out Big Bang’s adventures in New Zealand below, and stay tuned to K-PopHolic for more updates!
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KARA reveals track list + jacket cover for 3rd album, “Step”

KARA will be releasing their third full-length album on September 9th, but for some fans, that’s simply too long of a wait. If you’re feeling the KARA drought, we’ve got the track list and covers “Step” below!

Comprised of 9-10 tracks, it looks like their third album contains all-new original songs. The limited edition of “Step” will include a bonus track and a 32-page booklet.
01. EY! OH! (Intro) 1:01
02. STEP 3:21 (*Title)
03. RIDER 3:03
05. 따라와 [ Follow Me ] 3:29
06. DATE(MY BOY) 3:22
07. 나는..(ING) (ACOUSTIC VER.) 3:58
08. KARA 4 U (OUTRO) 1:03
09. STEP (INST) 3:21
10. 내 마음을 담아서(Dear Kamilia) 5:49 (*Bonus track) [ With All My Heart (Dear Kamilia) ]

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