Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RT Mcountdown ep 4 eng sub w/KARA,B1A4

Star Date w/ Lee Hyo-ri eng sub

110927 Infinite YStar Interview & MV Filming Location eng

Star Date Interview with Lee Seung-gi & Lee Min-jung eng sub

Boyfriend reveals practice video

Boyfriend debuted last week and after receiving a hot response for their debut MV, ‘Boyfriend,’ the folks over at Starship Entertainment has decided to upload a special dance practice video.
The practice videos have been proven to be very popular, most recently SISTAR19‘s hot practice video for ‘Ma Boy’ has received nearly 1 million views on YouTube. Check out the practice video below!

BOYFRIEND reveals debut MV, ‘Boyfriend’

Starship Entertainment has just debuted their newest boy group named “Boyfriend!” The new group just released their debut EP, “Boyfriend” along with the MV for their title track which is also titled‘Boyfriend’ and features a cameo from SISTAR’s Bora.
The MV is a bit different from their water floor teaser from last week. The MV is rather colorful and fun loving, check it out below and remember to support them by purchasing the music.

Upcoming boy group, Boyfriend reveals teaser for “Water Floor”

Starship Entertainment is set to debut a new boy group named “Boyfriend” on May 26th. The group consists of 6 members with an average member age of 18. The 6 members include Dong Hyun, Young Min, Kwang Min, Minwoo, Hyun Seong, and Jeong Min.
The group recently held their first photoshoot and now the group has revealed their first teaser for,“Water Floor.” Check out the teaser and share your thoughts below.

Boyfriend releases album jacket photos

Starship Entertainment‘s upcoming boy group, ‘Boyfriend‘, has followed up with their album jacket photos today.
Unlike the darker concept the boys donned for their teaser, they’re looking a lot more lively and fresh in the photos, which netizens took notice of. Some commented, “They’re such eye candy,” “I can already anticipate what kind of group this is through their pictures,” and “I’m anticipating them!”
The boys’ debut album was produced by hit composer Brave Brothers. Choreography team DQ, who’s known for working with Rain, B2ST, and MBLAQ, will be overseeing the group’s performance and choreography style. In contrast to their youthful, handsome looks, DQ revealed that they intended to create an image reversal with stronger dance moves.
Boyfriend will be making their official debut on May 26th.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boyfriend reveals teaser for “Don’t touch my girl”

Boyfriend plans to add some testosterone in the midst of a frenzy of girl group comebacks.
The boys of Boyfriend have been working diligently on their impending comeback. The only info we had thus far was via a twitter post by member Kwangmin but now we have some more info and a teaser was also uploaded to Starship Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel!
Boyfriend’s 2nd single album will be titled “Don’t Touch My Girl” and contains 5 track in total:
01. You’re my lady
02. 내 여자 손대지마 (Don’t touch my girl)
03. 점점점 (Jum Jum Jum / Little by Little)
04. 내 여자 손대지마 Inst.
05. 점점점 Inst.
Additionally, the second single album is slated for release on October 6th and was produced by hit making duo, Sweetune. As we patiently wait for the release, check out the teaser for “Don’t Touch My Girl” below!

110909 Buzz w/Block B eng sub

110925 Super Junior M Stars Lead the Way *full* eng sub

SNSD unveils Jessica, Tiffany & Sooyoung’s comeback photos for ‘The Boys’!

With their comeback for The Boys looming closer, SNSD has been hyping up fans with photo teasers that have sent fans reeling, first with Taeyeon then Sunny and Hyoyeon last evening. Today, the delight continues with JessicaTiffany and Sooyoung!
With Taeyeon, Sunny and Hyoyeon’s dramatic transformations, fans were left clueless about the ladies’ latest concept. In her new photo, Tiffany is glammed up with disco balls and a glitzy outfit. Jessica is dressed in an elegant white dress with flowers in her hair and a dove flying out of her hand. Sooyoung lays on a gorgeous Oriental rug, dressed in an elaborately layered dress with a white flower in her mermaid-like hair.
With these latest updates, what do you think the theme could be?

Monday, September 26, 2011

SNSD unveils Sunny & Hyoyeon’s comeback photos for ‘The Boys’!

It’s barely been a day since SNSD‘s full comeback date was officially announced, yet fans are already clamoring over the return, fervently awaiting the latest teasers to be released. Just moments earlier,SM Entertainment unveiled two more teasers featuring Sunny and Hyoyeon!
Like Taeyeon‘s photo, Sunny and Hyoyeon’s photos both carry auras of elegance while stunning fans with the ladies’ new looks. Sunny wears a red hood and ruffled cream dress with heavy eyeliner and side-swept blonde hair. Hyoyeon sports a short blonde bob with flowers dramatically accenting her head, with unconventional make-up to match.
With these three releases, fans have been attempting to piece together what this track concept will be. Many speculated that there would be an underlying fairytale theme, as Taeyeon holds a red apple in her hand like Snow White and Sunny’s outfit alludes to the Red Riding Hood. Though not a fairytale character, many fans are already exclaiming that Hyoyeon’s piercing stare is reminiscent of the Parisian Amélie.
Fans have been curious about What do you think the concept for ‘The Boys‘ could be?

110804 MBLAQ on Serenade eng

Immortal Song 2 Ep 14 eng sub

High KICK 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged! – Episode 2 eng

2NE1 TV S3 – ep 14 eng sub

Super Junior unleashes “A-Cha” MV

The boys are back with a hot new video for their follow-up track, “A-Cha“!
Though they’re only promoting with eight members, all 10 could be found in the video. Leeteuk had previously promised, “There’s a lot of anticipation running amongst us because this song is of a genre that Super Junior hasn’t tried yet. Instead of autotune, there are refreshing adlibs placed throughout the song that show a bit more of Super Junior’s vocal talent.”
It’s not just their vocal talents that got showcased in this video, but sharp dancing skills and trendy fashion as well.
Check out their MV below!

2PM Show ep 11 eng sub *full*

Star Date Dream High Cocert in Japan eng


U-KISS unleashes dance version MV for “Neverland”

U-KISS have been sweeping hearts right, left, and center with their hot new song, “Neverland“, which includes a strong choreography that really spotlights the boys’ dance skills.
Fans have been raving over their sleek moves, and now they’ll get to see it in its full glory through this special MV!
Check it out below!

INFINITE unveils MV for “Paradise”

Over the past few days, idol group INFINITE has been unveiling photo teasers one-by-one for their repackaged album. The jaw-dropping visuals all came to a head today when they released the music video for their new song, “Paradise“.
As promised, the boys donned a ‘cold city man’ look that matched perfectly with their ‘dark’ sound.
Check out their hot new music video below!
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SNSD reveals October 4th comeback & Taeyeon’s concept photo!

The time has come for fans to grab their pink glowsticks again: confirming previous rumorsSNSD has finally released the details for their much-anticipated comeback!
The title of the ladies’ third full album will be ‘The Boys‘, and it will hit store shelves on October 5, with the eponymous title track being released separately on the day before on October 4.
‘The Boys’ is especially notable for being composed by Teddy Riley, the American composer who worked with Michael Jackson, and more recently, with Rania for “Dr Feel Good“. In addition, the music video will be released in both English and Korean.
Meanwhile, “kid leader” Taeyeon‘s teaser picture was also released, and it shows her dressed in a stately, Victorian gown and exuding nearly tangible amounts of charisma and charm. What kind of concept do you think the girls have up their sleeves this time around?
Stay tuned to K-PopHolic for the more updates on this big return!!

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