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You Are My Pet (2011) Movie eng sub

un-Yi (Kim Ha-Neul) works as an editor for a fashion magazine. She keeps failing in relationships with men, but doesn't get along with her colleagues. In-Ho (Jang Keun-Suk) was a promising ballet dancer. Two years ago he lifted a female dancer, but dropped her on accident. Because of this accident the woman was unable to dance any further and, now, In-Ho won't dance with women anymore. In-Ho now hopes to become a musical choreographer. Unfortunately for In-Ho, he doesn't have a place to stay. He goes to a bar where his friend Eun-Soo (Choi Jong-Hoon) works. Later that night, Eun-Soo takes In-Ho over to his older sister's house (fashion magazine editor Eun-Yi). 

When Eun-Yi arrives at her home, she walks into the bathroom and sees someone brushing her teeth. As she walks by she pats him on his rear end, assuming the guy is her younger brother Eun-Soo. When the guy turns around she's shocked that it is a complete stranger. Eun-Soo then asks his older sister Eun-Yi if In-Ho can stay at her place temporarily, telling her that he's really good with household chores. Eun-Yi disapproves of the idea, but that night Eun-Soo accepts money from In-Ho to stay at her sister's place. 

The next evening, on a rainy night, Eun-Yi walks home and finds a large blue box on front of her home. When she looks inside of the box she's shocked again to see the guy the from the other day, In-Ho, sitting in the box. Ji-Eun brings sopping wet In-Ho into her apartment, while she tries to contact her younger brother. Her younger brother doesn't answer her calls. Oddly enough, In-Ho reminds Eun-Yi of her former pet dog Momo. Eun-Yi then comes up with an arrangement. She will let In-Ho stay at her apartment if he will become her pet dog named Momo. 

As they become more familiar and comfortable with each other, Eun-Yi's first love Cha Woo-Sung (Ryu Tae-Joon) comes to her office looking for her ...

111222 After School @ Wide NEWS eng


Chocolat releases rehearsal video for “I Like It”

On December 29th, Chocolat updated fans by uploading a rehearsal video for their title track “I Like It”on their fan cafe as well as YouTube.
Dressed simply in comfortable and casual attire, the girls pull off an intense choreography with ease, leaving fans in awe over their skills. Their point choreography, the ‘crab dance’, has been earning attention in its own right as it’s a dance not often performed by other girl groups.
Netizens were definitely impressed, with some commenting, “Is this really just a rehearsal video?”, “They look so innocent without make up, but their dance moves are powerful,” “The song is addicting! And so is the dance!” and “Daebak because it’s easy to follow along.”
Check it out below!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

T-ara unveils their zombie concept for five-part “Lovey Dovey” MV

T-ara has released a few concept photos of their zombie version of their “Lovey Dovey” MV!
As previously reported, “Lovey Dovey” will feature five music video installments, each with a specific theme. The zombie concept unveiled today goes with the third ‘Zombie’ themed music video. The other versions include themes such as ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Drama’.
Although the concept is meant to give a little spook, the members still managed to look eerily cute, as if they’re dressed up to celebrate Halloween. Netizens commented, “I wonder what kind of song it is,” “I love this zombie version!” and “Curious about the other versions!”
As reported previously, the song is produced by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu Sung and features an electronic sound. The single will be released on January 2nd, along with the first version of the MV, which will be the drama version. The various versions will follow after with the final version being released on January 10th.

T-ara releases ‘bad girl’ photo of actress Im Soo Hyang for “Lovey Dovey”

Actress Im Soo Hyan, whose fame rose with the drama ‘New Tales of a Gisaeng‘, was revealed to be the main character in the 3rd version of the “Lovey Dovey” MV.
Im Soo Hyang’s innocent beauty has been warped into that of a gothic zombie. Her acting reflected her transformation, as she ditched her wide-eyed innocence for something darker and more eerie.
After she read the scenario, she did many expression practices to transform into the perfect zombie. The production crew expressed that fans will have something quite interesting to look forward to for the 3rd version of “Lovey Dovey”.
T-ara’s first version of “Lovey Dovey”, which is a 22 minute drama version, will be released online on January 2nd at 3 PM.

SM releases longer teaser for EXO’s Kai

A few days ago, SM Entertainment unveiled a video clip of EXO member Kai, sparking a chain of subsequent teasers for his fellow groupmates.
On December 30th, the agency released a longer teaser video for Kai, which was shot in one take. K-Pop fans were once again introduced to Kai’s smooth dance moves and mysterious charisma, raising the level of anticipation for the group’s debut.
Additionally, the teaser included a small sample of EXO-K’s song, “My Lady“.
Check out his second video below!

111225 Studio C Ep 5 w/Block B as Guest eng sub

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

111228 arirangTV Showbiz Korea Taemin and Sunny eng

111224 INFINITE-Weekly Idol eng sub

Birth of a family Episode 7 A-Pink Letters from Home Cut eng sub

111112 Immortal Song 2 Ep 24 eng sub

Star Date- Song Joong-ki’s first fan meeting in Japan eng

RT Mcountdown episode15 full eng

Running Man Episode 74 English subs

EXO releases group photos of KAI, LU HAN, TAO & CHEN

Riding on the high levels of anticipation for EXO‘s debut, SM Entertainment has just released a set of photos featuring the four revealed members of the group!
Released on EXO-M‘s official Facebook page, five photos feature KAILU HANTAO and CHENrelaxing indoors. Dressed comfortably, the four young men lounge casually while perusing a magazine together on a bed.
As earlier reported, these four members will make their live debut at this year’s ‘SBS Gayo Daejun’ on December 29th. Until then, enjoy the photos below!

[ENG] A Pink News Season 2 Ep 3 [FULL]

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Check out the scans and snapshots from SNSD's 2012 Calendar

EXO introduces martial artist member, TAO

After introducing members Kai and Lu Han earlier, SM has brought EXO‘s martial artist to the front.
In his video clip, Tao shows off an impressive array of wushu skills, which include a knowledgable handling of the staff and dao. SM will follow up with more info about Tao, Kai, Lu Han, and their other groupmates soon through new teasers and press releases.
In the meantime, check out Tao’s jaw-dropping teaser below:

2AM reveals practice video for “Step” + “Be My Baby” dance cover

Earlier, allkpop reported that 2AM performed a delightful cover of KARA‘s “Step” and the Wonder Girls‘ “Be My Baby” at their two-day Christmas live.
On December 27th, Big Hit Entertainment shared 2AM’s practice video for “Step” and “Be My Baby” with fans on YouTube. As expected, Jo Kwon brought out his impressive kkap, hitting each dance point perfectly. Not to be outdone, his groupmates JinwoonChangmin, and Seulong did their utmost to keep up, although they’d occasionally crack a smile or burst into laughter.
The sight of these ultra-muscular men shaking their hips and doing body waves can only be described with one word: daebak.
Check out the video below:

111207 MNET Wide Open Studio with Sungmin, Ryeowook and Shindong eng

111225 SNSD Dangerous Boys EP.02 eng sub

Monday, December 26, 2011

We Got Married Christmas Special English subs 2011

SM introduces EXO’s second member, Lu Han

SM Entertainment has revealed the second member of their new boy group, EXOLu Han!
SM stated on December 27th, “The teaser video for sub-units EXO-K and EXO-M will be released through the Korean official homepage. It will feature both the first member, Kai, and also the second member, Lu Han.
Much like Kai’s teaser, the purpose of Lu Han’s video is to showcase his talents. The 21-year-old possesses strong vocals and dancing skills as well as ‘flower boy’ looks — a combination that’s sure to draw him many personal fans.
SM’s new boy group, which is comprised of both Korean and Mandarin-speaking members, will debut on the same time with the same song. Their name was inspired by ‘EXOPLANET’, or the sun’s outer planets.
EXO's Kai & Lu Han
The second teaser video of EXO-K and EXO-M has just been released. LU HAN, who has been unveiled through the second teaser video, is not only an exceptionally good-looking guy, but he has also outstanding singing and dancing abilities. Check This Out below:

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