Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chocolat reveals a mature look with their comeback concept

Chocolat‘s first comeback since their debut with “Syndrome” back in August has been the hot topic of the week, as they’ve returned with a charming new mature image that has netizens praising their improvement.
On December 9th, the girls performed I Like It” on KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘ ahead of the mini-album’s official release on the 15th. Putting aside their cute, colorful outfits, the girls came back with a modern style that emphasized their fresh new look.
Concept photos of their contrasting outfits were released today, and they’re seen looking like fierce warriors in one and innocent but sensual angels in the next.
Netizens commented, “They’ve gotten so much more mature in those few months,” “I feel like this comeback will be a daebak,” and “Looking forward to the album’s release now.”

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