Thursday, December 22, 2011

After School’s UEE transforms into a real life Barbie doll for ‘Elle Korea’

After School‘s UEE has literally ‘dolled up’ for her latest pictorial with fashion magazine, ‘Elle Korea‘.
UEE was perhaps the busiest After School member of the year, joining the group in all of their albums as well as their Japanese debut, while simultaneously juggling her acting career with ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘ and ‘Birdie Buddy‘.
In the accompanying interview with the photoshoot, she talked a bit about her expanding career, and how she hopes to pursue everything possible.”
She expressed, “My weekend dramas average 20% in viewer ratings. I have the title of ‘idol’ in my name so there was pressure in that regards. The more popular my dramas get, the better I want to do. Right now, I think I’m just addicted to my work.”
She thoughtly added, “Acting, singing, and even variety shows and MCing – I don’t want to give up any one of them.”
Check out this real-life Barbie doll and her mini-me in the shots below!

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