Thursday, December 22, 2011

‎*Weirdest KPOP Concept of the Year*

There was really no set theme to the concept (even SM’s explanation of said concept was confusing). And again, this set of concept pictures had no bearing to the fashion that was seen in the MV. In fact, the fashion in the MV was nothing like this.

#Ryeowook looks like a rooster/chicken.
# Eunhyuk looks like a statue.
# Siwon is trying to get a gig at Chippendale’s.
# Leeteuk asked Spock for hairstyle advice.
# Donghae is going to Canada.
# Shindong has too much bling bling as a gangster.
# Yesung is going through an identity crisis.
# Heechul is a ringmaster for this ‘circus’ of colorful clothes.
# I have no comment on Sungmin and Kyuhyun. 

Now, I liked the outfits in the MV as well as the outfits for A-Cha.. So What Do You Think Of Sungmin & Kyuhyun??

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