Tuesday, December 20, 2011

AA gets warm for the winter with ‘CeCi’

It’s only been a month since their debut, but that’s not stopping AA from doing every idol activity before the year’s end. The group recently participated in their first winter photoshoot for ‘CeCi‘ magazine.
Looking warm and snug in their winter outfits, the members played up their charms to bring out the best in their styles. Oldest Aoora looks chic and dapper in his suit, while Woosang gives off a mysterious feel with his unique layered shirts.
Juwon and Hoik are also looking quite model-like in their cuts, thanks to their tall heights. But it wasKimchi who brought the staff and the photographer to their knees, though, as he managed to melt the set with his adorable aegyo while posing for his cuts.
The photographer stated, “I didn’t know where the time flew while filming the members’ overflowing charms. Each member of AA has such loving honesty radiating from them. They’re like real brothers to each other, providing endless care and support. I couldn’t help but look on with a motherly gaze, as it’s hard to believe it’s only been a month since their debut. They have a deep understanding and philosophy on music; truly a rare kind in the industry.”
Their full photoshoot can be seen through the January 2012 edition of ‘CeCi’ magazine.

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