Thursday, December 22, 2011

SM introduces new boy group member, Kai

On December 23rd, SM introduced Kai, the first member of EXO. Judging from the teaser clip, he’s quite the fluid dancer, and is sure to capture many fangirls’ hearts with his mysterious charisma.
SM had explained that they were going debut a Korean-Chinese boy group who would come out with the same song on the same day. It seems that the Korean group will be called EXO-K, while the Chinese group will be called EXO-M (much like how ‘M’ stood for ‘Mandarin’ in Super Junior-M).

SM Entertainment has followed up by sharing KAI,’s handsome profile shots.
KAI is a 17 year old boy who stands at 182 cm, and is described to have a broad range of dancing skills from ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping, and locking. There’s no word yet on which group he’ll belong to.
Undoubtedly, there will be more teasers to come, so stay tuned to K-PopHolic for more updates!
#from what I see. He looks like SHINee's Taemin. Am I right?? Or my eyes have a problem?? But many people say he is similar like Taemin and some people say, maybe he is Taemin's brother..hehe (kidding)!!

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