Monday, September 26, 2011

SNSD unveils Sunny & Hyoyeon’s comeback photos for ‘The Boys’!

It’s barely been a day since SNSD‘s full comeback date was officially announced, yet fans are already clamoring over the return, fervently awaiting the latest teasers to be released. Just moments earlier,SM Entertainment unveiled two more teasers featuring Sunny and Hyoyeon!
Like Taeyeon‘s photo, Sunny and Hyoyeon’s photos both carry auras of elegance while stunning fans with the ladies’ new looks. Sunny wears a red hood and ruffled cream dress with heavy eyeliner and side-swept blonde hair. Hyoyeon sports a short blonde bob with flowers dramatically accenting her head, with unconventional make-up to match.
With these three releases, fans have been attempting to piece together what this track concept will be. Many speculated that there would be an underlying fairytale theme, as Taeyeon holds a red apple in her hand like Snow White and Sunny’s outfit alludes to the Red Riding Hood. Though not a fairytale character, many fans are already exclaiming that Hyoyeon’s piercing stare is reminiscent of the Parisian Amélie.
Fans have been curious about What do you think the concept for ‘The Boys‘ could be?

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