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All My Love For You~ Korean Sitcom

Title: All My Love For You / Mongttang Naesarang / Do Me A Favor
Genre: Sitcom, family
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-01 to TBA
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45

SynopsisComical survival story about one greedy family!
Character Description

Kim Gab Soo : honors student tutoring School director, Geum Ji and Ok Yub’s step-father
He appears to be a perfect and kind-hearted man but there is a wicked side of him that he keeps underneath. He had been living as a lonely man for the past twenty years after he accidentally lost his 4 years old daughter which in turn caused his wife to die of a broken heart because of it. Now all his business-related tasks are handled by his right hand man, Jun Tae Soo and his Butler “Mr.Kim” who lives together with him. No matter how much money and time, he is willing to try everything just to get back his daughter.
Hwang Mi Sun (Park Mi Sun) : Twins’ mother
Wanting to escape poverty and the one-room place that she stayed in, She schemed along with her children to con wealthy tutor school director, Kim Gab Soo into marrying her but more troubles came her way after it as she came to know Gab Soo’s hidden side.

Hwang Geum Ji (Son Ga In) : Older Twin
Because of her lifelong obsession to earn 1.5 million won to do a double eyelids surgery, Geum Ji will even do a multilevel of frauds, get bruised, scraping on her food and living for it even when it’s already hard to make their ends needs. Although growing up on the streets has given her a smart cunning mind, she finds herself unable to trust anyone else, not even her family members nor the person that she loves.

Hwang Ok Yub (Jo Kwon) : Younger Twin who was born three minutes later
He is always looking out for rich widowers that he can arrange marriage to his mother, Mi Sun. Always lurking in the shadows, he is always the mastermind behind Mi Sun’s get rich schemes. He keeps studying although he hates studying as he doesn’t want to earn his own living yet.
Kim Seung Ah (Yoon Seung Ah): The only daughter of Kim Gab Soo who has a birth secret.
A naive, kind-hearted girl who can’t tell when people are joking or serious and believes whatever anyone says. She is currently living in Eun Hee’s house with her grandmother in a rented room. She is a college friend/classmate of Guem Ji whom Geum Ji has to take care of in times of need. Seung Ah is always worrying for her college fees as she has trouble paying for them.

Kim Young Ok : Seung Ah’s grandmother
She is always saying that she has no time to waste as she is always working hard to earn her keep. She collects empty bottles to sell after working as an office cleaner everyday.
She remains thankful to be living although she is poor and is willing to learn an ear if anyone needs it.

Jun Tae Soo :Kim Gab Soo’s secretary

He is fluent in foreign languages as he had studied overseas. Having extraordinary fashion sense and outstanding looks, he is very popular with the female teachers at school. He appears to be a gentle and kind person in front of everyone and gains the trust of Kim Gab Soo to become his right hand man. But he is secretly planning revenge on his employer, Kim Gab Soo for something he did in the past.

Butler Kim (Jung Ho Bin) : Single, Director of Operations

He is so loyal to Kim Gap Soo and so good in all sorts of household chores that he seems bonded like a slave to him. As Butler Kim hardly smiles, he is deemed as unfriendly and unapproachable by people around him. But he is actually a big tv shows addict who can have a good laugh or cry upon just watching dramas.

Bang Eun Hee : Mi Sun’s best friend since highschool and Doo Joon’s mom

She operates an eatery on the first floor of the building and the landlord of the rooms rented out. She has a really big heart despite her explosive temper. She had divorced her husband twenty years ago after finding out that he had cheated on her.

Yoon Doo Joon : The twins’ best friend, only son of Eun Hee and Woo Jin’s nephew

He went to the army after his highschool graduation instead of going to college early because he wanted to keep playing around. He has an amazing ability to adapt to any place that he was able to fall asleep anywhere within a sec.
He is always joking that Geum Ji likes Ok Yub and he loves following them around.

Bang Woo Jin (Yeon Woo Jin)

He is a popular male teacher at the school owned by Kim Gap Soo because of his good looks. He is a playboy who doesn’t take love seriously and his rented place in Eun Hee’s basement is always filled with gifts from girls.

Kim Na Young : Sexy school lecturer

She is constantly whining whenever she gets drunk and always tells lame jokes when she is sober. She likes Jun Tae Soo so much that she is willing to kill anyone when she gets jealous.
Credit : Soompi
Main Cast
Jo Kwon as Hwang Ok Yub
Ga In as Hwang Geum Ji
Kim Gab Soo as Director Kim
Park Mi Sun as Hwang Mi Sun
Jun Tae Soo as 
Jun Tae Soo , Director Kim’s secretary
Yoon Doo Joon

Yoon Seung Ah
Yun Woo Jin
Bang Eun Hee
Jung Ho Bin
Kim Na Young
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