Monday, March 5, 2012

Nine Muses releases ‘Sweet Rendezvous’ jacket cover, concept photos, and tracklist

After releasing member Erin’s comeback teaser photo a few days ago, Nine Muses has unveiled the official album jacket cover to their new album, ‘Sweet Rendezvous‘.
The sepia photo gives off a mysterious, vintage feel, and the girls who are posing in front of a train look like they’re about to embark on some sort of journey.
Going off their new theme ‘Ticket’, the girls are pulling off a concept that’s completely different from their previous, living up to their title as ‘model idols’.
Each member is striking the right pose and wearing the perfect facial expression to display their own charms, and their album jacket looks more like a pictorial from a fashion magazine.
The album jacket came as a surprise to some fans, as the concept was completely different from Erin’s sexy and charming ‘ticket girl’ teaser photo.
Their title song “Ticket” from the girls’ new album ‘Sweet Rendezvous’ that drops on March 8th is their third collaboration project with Sweetune, after “Figaro” and “News“.
“Ticket” is sure to leave an impression on listeners, as the lyrics compare the heart of a woman to a one-way ticket. Once the love is given, there’s no going back.
Their agency Star Empire remarked, “We spent a lot of time thinking about how we could project the ‘ticket’ theme. We wanted to mix Nine Muses’ unique colors to all the images this word brings to mind. We thought that we could create extreme change with different images from time to time, and attempted to work on various projects. We will be releasing all the different charms and appeals of Nine Muses with this new ‘ticket’ theme.

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