Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Netizens anticipate the debut of rookie boy group, ‘Pledis Boys’

Although they have yet to debut, netizens are becoming increasingly interested in rookie boy groupPledis Boys, and fan cafes for the boys are quickly emerging on the internet.
A netizen who has identified herself as an avid Pledis Boys fan has shared the photos above on various portal site community boards with the title, “A new idol group has emerged“. The photos are from a photo shoot from Ceci magazine in which the new rookie group poses with labelmates Son Dambiand the ladies of After School. The photos only further heightened the expectations for their debut, as the Pledis Boys look young, hip, and charismatic.
Netizens responded to the photos with comments like, “I instantly became a fan after seeing this“, and “When do they debut? I want to see the Pledis Boys on stage“.
The faces of the 7 Pledis Boys were revealed on the 21st, and they garnered more attention onceJonghyun, who made himself known through SBS Miraculous Audition‘, joined the group.
Only information about 2 of the members have been revealed so far, and fans are eager to learn more about the others.
The Pledis Boys have taken part in the 2012 Happy Pledis album that is scheduled to be released before their official debut.

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