Saturday, November 26, 2011

Story About 2NE1 Song’s

I think i’m "UGLY" and nobody want’s to love me. But, you come to me when i’m fell "LONELY". You said, “Waht are you doing? Listening music?”

“Oh, yes.” I said, releasing my headset.

DON"T STOP THE MUSIC". You like it, right? Look how so much you enjoyed it.” He said.

My cheeks burned like "FIRE", heats up and flushed. He smiled. He give me a lollipop, and he say, “This "LOLLIPOP" is very sweet, like you.”

Omo! So romantic.

I pulled his hand and said, “PLEASE DON'T GO". Stay with me.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll stay with you.” He said.

Chu~ oh, God! He kissed me! It’s my first "KISS".


Two days had i not met him. Where is he? Because i’m so bored, i go to shopping. But, you know what? I see taht boy with another girl.

“Ya! "FOLLOW ME!” i pulled his hand roughly.

“Who is she? Your girlfriend? Why you kiss her?” i said.

“Ya! Who are you? You are not my girlfriend. She is my girlfriend. So why if i kiss her?” he said.


“Bad boy! I "HATE YOU"! So, why you kiss me? You don’t love me?”

“Love you?” he said, clapping his hand.

“You’re ugly. The kiss was just kidding.” He said.

“I’m ugly? Ahh, yes i’m ugly. But no one can play with me! "CLAP YOUR HANDS" all you like. " I DON'T CARE"!!


"IT HURTS"? Yeah, it so hurts. But "I'M THE BEST". I must not cry because it’s a bad boy. Yes, "DON"T CRY".

No one can hurt me again. I’m a strong girl. I certainly can. Bad boy? "GO AWAY"!!!

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