Monday, July 25, 2011

miss A’s Suzy reveals “Good Bye Baby” dance rehearsal

On July 25th, miss A revealed their rehearsal video for their comeback track, “Good Bye Baby” throughSuzy’s Me2day, where they also announced a special event!
Suzy wrote, “Everyone, did you all watch our first broadcast?  keke, In celebration of our comeback, Suzy has prepared an extra, extra special event! After watching our rehearsal video for ‘Good Bye Baby’, all you have to do is come up with a name for our dance. The name we like the most will be chosen and you’ll get an autographed CD!”
Moments after the post went up, over 1,000 replies were posted with unique name ideas.  Some netizens commented, “How about the ‘cocktail dance’, since it looks like you’re mixing a cocktail?”, and“The ‘come to me dance’ sounds cool too, since it looks like you’re saying ‘come to me.’”
Check it out below!

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