Saturday, July 2, 2011

Music Core special performances

MBC’s Music Core is back once again with yet another fun and exciting show!
Besides the usual stages, 2NE1, T-ara, Min Kyung Hoon, Mighty Mouth, Navi, Hwayobi, and Block B all had their comeback stages.

      2NE1 says “I Am The Best” on Music Core comeback

After a near 9 month hiatus from performing regularly on music shows, the 2NE1 girls are back on MBC “Music Core” with a powerful new performance of their latest release, “I Am The Best“.
“I Am The Best” is definitely shaping up to be one of the hottest dance tracks of the summer. Equipped with a heavy bass line and a catchy hook, “I Am The Best” is an infectious party track that will have fans reaching for the replay button over and over for the rest of the week.
Check out their hot comeback below!

T-ara makes a “Roly Poly” comeback on Music Core

Having been away since the start of the year, the T-ara girls are back on the stage of MBC Music Corewith their latest infectious title track, “Roly-Poly“.
The girls’ newest concept is refined 1970s club-hoppers, and they are targeting music fans both young and old with this retro concept and hope to make it a national song.
Their title track, “Roly Poly“, which was was co-produced by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu Sang, was purposely kept simple in both melody and choreography to create an addictive effect.
The track’s mellow beat and subtle electronic touch are enough to transport any listener to the times of flashing disco balls and Saturday Night Fever.
Core Contents Media explained, “‘Roly Poly’ features an addictive but easy to follow melody that will catch the attention of listeners of all ages.”
Check out their comeback stage below!

Block B performs “Tell Them” on Music Core

After selling out their comeback mini-album presales, Block B has taken the stage on MBC’s ‘Music Core‘ with “Tell Them“.
Block B was formed after many years of Cho PD’s preparations. Their debut mini-album was released just one month and a half after their debut single.
Block B had the help of Korea’s best hip-hop seniors prior to their debut. The team’s leader Zico wrote and co-composed “Tell Them” which is an upbeat and exciting track that fits the summer season.

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