Sunday, July 3, 2011

SISTAR’s Hyorin wows with her practice video for “Mini Skirt”

Last week, SISTAR’s Hyorin took home the #1 spot on “Immortal Song 2” for the second time withMin Hae Kyung’s hit track “Mini Skirt“.
Today, the practice video of her performance was released by her company, Starship Entertainment. In the video, Hyorin is seen wearing comfortable clothes people usually sport for rehearsals.
Although she wore no makeup, she still managed to look charming and beautiful. Fans were also impressed by the fact that her curvy figure showed through her baggy practice clothes.
Netizens commented, “She is Korea’s Beyonce, Hyoyonce”, “I had no idea her body was like this”, “Even her eyes have an effect on you”

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