Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rookie girl band ‘Clinah’ reveals debut MV for “Come On Boy”

A week ago we reported that Dino Entertainment revealed a new girl band ‘Clinah.
The band is comprised of lead vocalist Han Yuna (21), first guitarist Rika (21), second guitarist Malja(17), and drummer Soun (19). Don’t let their cute looks fool you, as they’re well-versed in composing and writing songs. Johnny Kim (formerly of rock band Superkidd) directed the album, and their title track, “Come On Boy“, is the work of rookie composer Beatnist.
They officially released their debut album, “We Are CLINAH!” on October 28th and today the rookie group revealed their animated music video for their title track, “Come On Boy“.
Representatives stated, “‘Come On Boy’ has a bright and refreshing guitar sound mixed with electronic vibes. The fast-paced beat and exciting melody fits perfectly with Clinah’s youthful and lovely image. We’re sure that they will be a group that not only appeals to rock fans, but teen girl group fans as well.
Check out their fun music video below and tell us what you think.

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