Tuesday, November 15, 2011

T-ara is full of confidence with their performance of “Cry Cry”

“Our new song “Cry Cry” is a strong song; it is kind of like an upgraded version of “I’m Crazy Because of You.”"
T-ara’s Eunjung showed her confidence in their title song “Cry Cry” at an interview on November 16. The interview was about the release of their new mini album Black Eyes.
T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media pre-released T-ara’s performance of “Cry Cry” to reporters. Dauntlessly, they opened the set for the choreographic version of their music video to the media.
As Eunjung said, “Cry Cry” is a sexy and mature performance, unlike their previous hit song “Roly-Poly.”
Mimic the wiping of tears and throwing away a handkerchief, their dance moves will surely capture fans’ hearts. The members said they lost weight as a result of the powerful dancing performance.
Hyomin’s fabulous abs and beautiful legs drew exceptional attention even more so on “Cry Cry.” T-ara, who will compete against other girl groups such as SNSD and Wonder Girls, certainly has loaded a powerful weapon.
T-ara will appear on Mnet’s M Countdown on November 17 to perform their songs “Cry Cry” and “Lovey Dovey.”
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