Tuesday, November 8, 2011

T-ara releases dramatic MV for “Cry Cry”!

Despite the saturation in the K-Pop scene these days, T-ara managed to rise above their competition with music dramas that broke the mold of the conventional music video.
After impressing the public with a 10-minute mini-drama for Roly Poly earlier this summer, these girls are outdoing themselves with a music drama for “Cry Cry“.
Fans have been buzzing about the dramatic plotline previewed in the video teaser, as the girls ditched their cutesy act for fierce females with guns.
Without further delay, check out T-ara’s “Cry Cry” music drama below!
Towards the end, you would be greeted by a teaser for their other title song “Lovey Dovey” which will be released at a later date to avoid confusing the fans as it’s a totally different song genre, accompanied by another 15 minute music video to wrap up the mini drama.
T-ara is set to release their fourth album later this month, and is scheduled to make a comeback on November 18th via Music Bank.

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