Monday, November 14, 2011

Taiwanese girl group Super 7 say, “SNSD members are plastic beauties”

Super 7, a Taiwanese girl group imitating SNSD, is caught up in controversy by belittling SNSD.
Taiwanese newspaper sources such as Apple News reported, “Super 7 threw everyone on the spot into a panic with what they said.”
According to the interview, Super 7 said, “SNSD members are plastic beauties. Most of them are ordinary-looking and they don’t have nice bodies, either. However, all our breast sizes are C or bigger, and we have nice bodies. We are natural beauties.”
In regard to the criticism about imitating SNSD, they said, “We all cried at first (after hearing the news), but we think such criticism can also be interpreted as people’s interest in us. We are fine, now.”
As the atmosphere became awkward, they also said, “We also think SNSD is an icon,” but their thoughtless words still got criticized.
Super 7 debuted last month and got a nickname of “fake SNSD” as they imitated costume and choreography of SNSD in the music video of their debut song “Mai Luo Suo.”

What the hell Super 7.. how can you say like that to SNSD???
You are the imitate SNSD, how could you say SNSD is plastic beauties.. huh i don't care about your breast size, big or anything.. we love SNSD coz they are natural beautie and have nice body. not like you..fake SNSD. eeeeuuuwww, so disgusting while i look your picture..!! WTF..:p

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