Monday, February 13, 2012

SPEED reveals two music videos for “Lovey Dovey Plus”

Co-Ed‘s male sub-unit, SPEED, has finally made their debut with two music videos for ”Lovey Dovey Plus“.
Co-Ed, an idol group from Core Contents Media that’s comprised of both male and female members, had debuted their female sub-unit ‘5dolls‘ earlier last year — now its time for their male counterparts to stand in the spotlight.
The name ‘SPEED’ stands for the group’s determination to always run forward with undying energy. The group is made up of TaewoonJungwooKwanghaengSungminIn Oh and new member Jongguk from ’Superstar K3‘.
As reported earlier, SPEED’s music videos feature cameos from twins Hwayoung (T-ara) andHyoyoung (Co-Ed). Dressed in crisp black suits, SPEED aims to show a more masculine twist for their remake of T-ara’s hit song”Lovey Dovey“.
Check out the two versions below, and tell us which version you like best!
< Version 1 >

< Version 2 >

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