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Co-Ed School (Korean남녀공학) is a South Korean 11-member dance/pop group established by Core Contents Media in 2010, consisting of 6 male and 5 female members:[1] Soomi, Kwangheng, Yoosung, Taewoon, Kangho, Chanmi, Noori, Hyoyoung, Hyewon, Sungmin and Eunkyo..

Stage Name: Soo Mi (수미)
Real Name: Lee Soo Mi (이수미)
Nickname: Smile Soomi (미소수미)
Birthdate: March 3, 1989 (1989-03-03) (age 21)
Birthplace: Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Height: 170cm
Weight: 48kg
Education: Korea Aerospace University (Aeronautical Science & Flight Operations)
Hobbies: Shopping, Watching Movies, Collecting Shoes
Specialties: Costume Design

Stage Name: Chanmi
Real Name: Heo Chanmi (허찬미)
Nickname: Star Light Chanmi (별빛찬미)
Birthdate: April 6, 1992 (1992-04-06) (age 18)
Blood Type: A
Height: 160cm
Weight: 46kg
Education: Anyang School of Arts (Theater and Movies)
Hobbies: Piano, Shopping, Watching Movies
Specialties: Drums, Chinese 

Real Name: Ryu Hyo Young
Stage Name: Hyo Young
Nickname: One Light Hyoyoung (한빛효영)
Birthdate: April 22, 1993 (1993-04-22) (age 17)
Height: 167cm
Weight: 52 Kg
Blood Type: O
Family: Twin sister (Hwa Young)
Education: Gwangju Soongil High School
Hobbies: Shopping, Reading
Specialties: Cooking 

Real Name: Jin Hye Won (진혜원)
Stage Name: Hye Won (혜원)
Nickname: Little Goo Hara, One Star Hyewon
Birthdate: March 6, 1995 (1995-03-06) (age 15)
Blood Type: AB
Height: 168cm
Weight: 45Kg
Education: Jungheung Middle School
Hobbies: Shopping, Making Cookies
Specialties: Jazz Dance

Name: Seo Eunkyo (서은교)
Birthdate: March 21st, 1996
Height: 158CM
Weight: 45KG
Hobbies: Listening to music
Special Talents: Dance
Company: Core Contents Media

Stage Name: Kwang Heng
Real Name: Lee Kwang Heng (이광행)
Nickname: Rascal Kwanghaeng (악동광행)
Birthdate: January 20, 1990 (1990-01-20) (age 20)
Height: 186cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood Type: AB
Education: Baekseok Arts University
Hobbies: Movie Appreciation, Imitations, Exercising, Reading
Specialty: Basketball, English 

Stage Name: Yoosung
Real Name: Kim Jung Woo (김정우)
Nickname: Sky Earth Yoosung (천지유성)
Birthdate: May 9, 1990 (1990-05-09) (age 20)
Height: 181cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: A
Education: Bucheon University (Advertisement Design)
Hobbies: Exercising, Guitar, Game, Shopping, Watching TV
Specialty: Soccer, Biking, Push-Ups

Stage Name: Taewoon
Real Name: Woo Taewoon (우태운)
Nickname: Sage Taewoon (지혜태운)
Birthdate: May 11, 1990 (1990-05-11) (age 20)
Height: 184cm
Weight: 68kg
Education: Tokyo Polytechnic University
Hobbies: Composing Songs, Basketball, Watching Movies
Specialty: Painting, Writing Lyrics, Japanese

Stage Name: Kangho
Real Name: Park Yongsu (박용수)
Nickname: Hot Blood Kangho (열혈강호)
Birthdate: December 14, 1991 (1991-12-14) (age 18)
Height: 182cm
Weight: 67kg
Education: Lila Art High School
Hobbies: Watching movies, Traveling, Sports
Specialty: Golfing 

Stage Name: Noori
Real Name: Kang In Oh (강인오)
Nickname: Balance Noori (가온누리)
Birthdate: March 3, 1993 (1993-03-03) (age 17)
Height: 184cm
Weight: 70 kg
Education: Hyundai High School
Hobbies: Music Appreciation, Movie Appreciation, Caro
Specialty: Boxing, Basketball, Soccer, Computers

Stage Name: Sungmin
Real Name: Choi Sungmin (최성민)
Nickname: Solid Sungmin (알찬성민)
Birthdate: December 17, 1995 (1995-12-17) (age 14)
Height: 172cm
Weight: 49kg
Education: Unnam Middle School
Hobbies: Drums, Listening to Music
Specialty: Poppin' 


* COED debuted as 10 member group, on 2010-09-30 at Mnet Countdown but, last 2010-12-30, Eun Kyo was announced as 11th member.
* Coed's I LOVE YOU A THOUSAND TIMES was the group's first ballad song.
* 3 out 11 members are 1995 but, Sungmin as the youngest in month named as the MAKNAE.
* All Coed members have twitter acoount except with Kwanghaeng and Taewoon.
* Seo Eun Kyo, started to promote with 5Dolls.
*  5Dolls is Coed's Sub-Unit (Girls) debuted 2011-02-17 with the song Lip Stain and I Mean You.
* Soomi/5Dolls set of goal is to won Rookie Award this year(2011).
* Soomi was the additional member of Seeya before.
* Kwanghaeng appeared in Coffee Prince.
* Yoosung was a former FNC Music Trainee, won FNC Music Open Audition Grand Prix.
* Chanmi was a former SM Trainee and planned to debut as a member of SNSD and f(x).
* Chanmi and her sister owned a online shop named, fivedolls.
* Hyoyoung had a twin sister in the girl group, T-ara; Hwayoung.
* Hyewon was also known as Little Goo Hara.
* Hyewon was a model in online shop, Gujejoa.
* Sungmin as the last member joined the group as of debuted
* Eunkyo was a former trainee in JYP E.
* Eunkyo is a winner at JYP Audition Winner along side with 2PM's Wooyoung and BEAST's Doojoon.
* Soomi & Noori sharing the same birthday.
* Soomi is the former SeeYa's maknae.
* Soomi is the leader for COED and 5Dolls :D
* Taewoon has a brother, debuted as BLOCK B member..
 * CLASSMATES are COED unofficial fan base :)
* COED is consisting of 11 membered with 6 boys and 5 girls.
* Sub-unit of NAMJA coed announced in February 2011.
* T-ara's Hyomin become 5Doll's sytlist in their comeback, Like This or That
* Jay Park featured with 5Doll's debut music video, Lip Stain & I Mean You.
* Kangho and Noori get accused my netizen with their old photos.
* Kangho abandoned golf to follow his dream and passion of becoming a music artist. 
* Taewoon was the fastest one in doing make up during Too Late promotion days.
* Taewoon wore Colonize jacket for Too Late MV filming.
* Hyoyoung loves ballad music
* Kwanghaeng studies at Baekseok Arts University
* Soomi is a hard worker. She practiced for their debut about 20 hours a day.
* Eunkyo's mother is currently operating a dance school in Cangwon, Kyungnam.
* Eunkyo had no trouble adapting in Coed
* Sungmin finished his one year training course in Plug In Music, after that he signed an exclusive contract with CCM for CO.ED
* Sungmin once pulled Yoosung’s leg when sleeping, causing him to fell off of the bed and injured his back.
* Hyoyoung was asked "What do you think about girls smoking?" in the Miss Chunhyang pageant
* Hyoyoung was born about 1 minute after her twin sister, T-Ara’s Hwayoung.
* Both Hyewon and Kwanghaeng like to eat banana.
* Sungmin and Chanmi often do wink during performances.
* Hyewon featured good drawing skills and even had a received an award back in an elementary school art competition.
* Eunkyo's ideal type is someone with pretty hands and can play the piano.
* Hyoyoung got ankle injury during Bbiribbom Bberibom's promortion.
* Kwanghaeng and Soomi once fed Hyoyoung together when visited her in hospital due to her ankle fracture.
* Hyewon's favourite movie is '100 Pounds of Beauty'.
* Hyewon's favourite food is meat.
* Hyoyoung likes to winking when she smiles.
* Eunkyo' favourite place is practice room.
* Eunkyo is the only child in her family.
* Soomi's role model is BoA.
* Hyoyoung/5Dolls's role model is 2NE1.
* Hyewon likes to shopping and making cookie.
* 5Dolls like competing against T-ara. (Not literally)
* Hyewon wants to stop growing.
* Soomi was supposed to be a stewardess.
* Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom concept was an idea of Hyewon. 
* Sungmin was a student of Plug In Music. Other past students include Seungri (Big Bang), Minzy (2NE1), and Hara (Kara). 
* Sungmin calls Chanmi ‘Chanmi-ssi’ , not noona.
* Sungmin's only been training at CCM for only one month before his debut.
* When Sungmin does aegyo, he always minimizes his voice and and say "Mimihhemin" or "Mimiiiii"
* Sungmin loves to teasing Hyoyoung.
* Sungmin is Coed’s lead dancer.
* Some of the boys revealed that Sungmin's clothes aren't smell bad, but his body smells bad.
* Sungmin auditioned via audition tape
* Chanmi's favorite color is purple.
* Chanmi wants to get a rookie award and do a lot of advertisements this year.
* Chanmi's fashion style is casual. 
* Chanmi graudated from the Theater Department of Anyang School of Arts on February 9th, 2011.
* Hyewon wants to be close to Teen Top. 
* Soomi's life motto: Don't forget your beginning.
* Hyewon's life motto: Before you become the best, you must do your best.
* Eunkyo's life motto: Do your best.
* Soomi's favorite colors are black and white.
* Hyoyoung's favorite colour is pink.
* Eunkyo's favorite colour is sky blue.
* Eunkyo's favorite food is Kimchi Pancake.
* Hyewon & Eunkyo are roomates.
* Chanmi wants to have a duet stage with IU.
* Chanmi's personality is cheerful and happy.
* Chanmi also wants to get a solo album.
* Chanmi's funny newest nickname is 'CHARM TERMINATOR'.
* Hyewon is on a diet, and is eating a lot of salad. But Hyewon wants to eat meat and fatty foods.
* Hyewon wants to eat delicious foods in restaurants and sleep in her free time.
* B2ST's Doojoon and 2PM's Wooyoung congratulated Eunkyo on her debut. Doojoon in person, Wooyoung through text.
* Kangho was a double for JYJ's Junsu for the musical poster "Tears Of Heaven"
* Kangho works out/exercises every morning. Thus only getting an hour sleep some days.
* Noori, Kangho and Sungmin shared in a room.
* Eunkyo thinks Jay Park is a chic and cool person.
* Chanmi said that SNSD's Tiffany took good care of her and gave her a lot of advices during trainee days in SM Ent
* Chanmi didn't join SNSD because she was too young to fit SNSD's image.
* Chanmi likes to do 'eye shopping' in her spare time.
* Noori wears glasses, but sometimes (and also during the performance) he wears contact lens.
* Yoosung introduced himself to T-Ara's Soyeon through twitter last night.
* Chanmi once tweeted to tell ppl that she's the real one on her twitter. She was sad at that time.
* Soomi likes to collecting shoes.
* Yoosung can play guitar well, since he was a trainee of FnC Music (CN Blue and FTI's agency)
* Chanmi is close to B2ST's Dongwoon, f(x)'s Luna and Amber, and SHINee's Key.
* Coed members was embarrassed with their stage name.
* "Hyewon is like raising a child, she's really dirty," Eun Kyo said.
* Soomi said, "Hyewon is like my scared child who cries like a baby when she gets scared."
* Hyewon was chosen by all as the member who never follows the rules
* Eun Kyo goes to the same Hairshop (hairdresser) as Doojoon from Beast.
* Noori known as being gentleman, he always been saw that he Chanmi's shoelace.

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