Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wonder Girls’ Sohee calls Heechul on his last day of Youngstreet radio

It looks like Super Junior’s Heechul finally got his wish!
On June 26th, the Wonder Girls‘ Sohee called Heechul on Youngstreet radio, making his last day on the program even more memorable. He seemed to enjoy the phone call a lot more than the picture above, where he had asked the editors to photoshop Sohee into his photo.
As fans all know, Heechul has been an extremely loyal fan of the Wonder Girls’ “mandu face” over the past few years, with fans affectionately deeming the duo “Soheechul”.
When Heechul realized it was Sohee calling him, he proceeded to laugh wildly in joy, then quickly calmed himself to ask her how she was. “How is Heechul oppa?” he later asked her, to which she complimented, “You’re such a talented and fun host, which is why I have a great time listening to your show.
He also mentioned that J.Y. Park had greatly praised her when they had met for dinner the night before. “Whenever we meet he always praises you. He also told me to stop bothering him,” Heechul laughed.
He also asked Sohee what he meant to her, and after a brief silence, she replied, “An oppa that I’m very grateful for.“ Heechul then added, “I’m very grateful to you, because when I’m in a bad mood and want to hit someone, I’ll think of you and feel better.
He then proved himself to be a true fan when he commented, “Tomorrow’s your birthday right? Happy Birthday,” to which Sohee replied, “Yes it is! Thank you,” and played “Nobody” after her call.
Watch the cute clip of their conversation below!

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