Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Love of Siam thai Movie w/Mario Mauer eng sub

Language/Country: Thai/Thailand
Running Time: 2 hours 58 minutes
Release Date: November 22, 2007
Director: Chookiat Sakveerakul or Ma-Deaw Chukiatsakwirakul or Matthew Chukiat Sakwirakul
Writer: Chookiat Sakveerakul
Starring: Mario Maurer, Witwisit Hiranyawongkul, Aticha Pongsilpipat,
Kanya Rattanapetch, Chermarn Boonyasak and Sinjai Plengpanich.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:

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