Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Episode 1 of ‘Wonder Girls Movie, Behind the Scenes’ released on Youtube

With less than 48 hours left until the Wonder Girls roll out their debut film, ‘THE WONDER GIRLS’ on Teen Nick, the ladies have just revealed the first episode of a new Youtube series on their official channel, titled, ‘”Wonder Girls Movie” Behind The Scenes’.
The documentary-style episode opens with various previously-released interviews and performances, then cuts to the ladies and Teen Nick staff as they begin their acting classes and take a look at the script. In one hilarious moment, Lim and the teacher go over her line, “Fo’ shizzle!” The episode also features the ladies as well as the School Gyrls concentrating in the recording room, practicing in the dance studio and more.
The movie is scheduled to air 8PM ET/5PM PT this Thursday on February 2nd. Until then, go behind the scenes with the ladies in the video below!

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