Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blady to return as a 5-member group

Girl group Blady is gearing up for their return with a new member!
On February 1st, SY6 Entertainment revealed, “Blady, who made their debut with ‘Crazy Day‘ and was recognized as K-Pop’s Top 10 on YoTtube by people all over the world, will be recruiting a new member. They will be re-forming as a 5-member group.”
The group debuted with original members Darae, Kangyoon, Bunhong (‘Pink’), and Sunyoung. They previously revealed their plans to add a new member with each new album to eventually form a seven-member group. With the incorporation of new member Nahyun two more spots have yet to be filled.
Nahyun is reported to be a 21 year old who studied to be a stewardess and has been in the spotlight as an ‘uhlzzhang‘. She has been training for two years, and she is said to be proficient in many talents, one of which includes possessing variety show wit.
Nahyun will be introduced to the public through advertisements for health drink, ‘Linteus 96.7′.

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