Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Upcoming girl group ‘Blady’ reveals member profiles

Earlier, we reported that another girl group named Blady were joining the flood of debuts this year. On April 16th, the girls finally introduced themselves to the public by revealing profile info on each of the four members.
While they were under the management of SY6 Entertainment, the girls were trained by Flaming Potato and Shinsadong Tiger. Their unique name is a combination of ‘black’ – a color that can express anything – and lady. Unlike other girl groups who’ve gone straight into sexy concept this year, their weapon of choice is a friendly, girl next door image.
Despite having only headlined twice, the girls already have an official fanclub named “Hi Ade“. Just likeCHI CHI, their goal is to become a girl group like SNSD who receives much love from their fans.
Blady will be holding a guerrilla event in Myungdong on the 16th. Check out their profiles below!
< Blady’s Darae (Chic Sexy) >
Name: Hong Darae
Age: 22
Height: 167 cm, Weight: 48kg
Specialty: Piano, writing
< Blady’s Pink (Cute Sexy) >
Name: Yum Bunhong (Pink)
Age: 21
Height: 165 cm, Weight: 45 kg
Specialty: Art, singing, dancing
< Blady’s Kang Yoon (Pure Sexy) >
Name: Pyun Kang Yoon
Age: 19
Height: 168 cm, Weight: 48 kg
Specialty: Acting
< Blady’s Sun Young (Power Sexy) >
Name: Park Sun Young
Age: 19
Height: 163 cm, Weight: 44 kg
Specialty: Girl’s hip hop, wacking (dance)

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