Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soyeon become a new leader in T-ara

wow. when I heard about Soyeon will be replace Hyomin as the leader in T-ara, I was shocked. really2 shocked. because I wait this happen with a long time. wow i really proud to be T-ara fans. I hope soyeon will do the best performance. 

It’s been announced that T-ara‘s new leader will be Soyeon, who will carry the torch after Hyomin.
Soyeon will be acting as leader of the group through promotions for their new repackaged album single “Lovey-Dovey.” Core Contents Media stated, “Soyeon is the team’s main vocal as well as being one of the more experienced members so she’s the type with a sense of responsibility. This is why she is now leader following EunjungBoram, and Hyomin.”
The leader of T-ara acts as the intermediary between the group and producers as well as stylists for six to eight months. She is also responsible for working on the new album concept.
Soyeon is reported to be showing an entirely different concept from “Cry Cry” when promoting “Lovey-Dovey.” She’ll become official leader on January 1st, 2012.

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