Monday, January 16, 2012

B.A.P reveals fourth member, Dae Hyun

B.A.P’s Bang Young Gook and Dae Hyun charismatic album jacket pictures have been revealed and thus started their debut countdown.
On January 16, B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment said, “There are ten days left until the album release date and B.A.P’s new album jacket pictures have been revealed.” The pictures show Bang Yong Gook along with Dae Hyun, the fourth member to be revealed.
Rapper Bang Yong Gook shows off his youthful good looks in a red jacket that over flows with charisma. Dae Hyun, whose face has always been hidden behind a mask, is receiving much praise for his good looks. His large eyes, perfect nose, and full lips have given him the nickname ‘Busan’s Wonbin’.
Dae Hyun, born in 1993, is from Busan and is the main vocalist for B.A.P. He is very talented for his age and on top of that his stunning good looks have made him the hidden card for his group.
TS Entertainment revealed, “The jacket photos for Zelo and Jong Up will be released on the 17th andHimchan and Young Jae’s photos will be released on the 18th. The music video teaser is expected to be released on the 20th.

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