Monday, January 16, 2012

‘Pledis Boys’ reveal their official name: NU’EST!

Pledis Entertainment has finally revealed the name of their newest boy group!
Known initially as the Pledis Boys after doing promotions with their seniors, Son Dambi and After School for their Happy Pledis 2012 “Love Letter” single, they have been officially named as NU’ESTand will debut soon as a 5-member group.
This was announced by Pledis on the 17th together with a teaser photo of the 5 members. The group name NU’EST is an combination of NU (New), E (Establish), S (Style), and (T) Tempo and is said to hint at establishing a new style of music.
Pledis revealed with confidence, “NU’EST will be debuting in the early part of 2012 alongside fellow rookie boy groups like EXO and B.A.P. And although they will be the last of them 3 to debut, we are not worried and will not be hasty with their debut because they have the talent and looks to succeed.”

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