Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Trot / Disco group Lay-T releases MV teaser for ‘Come Catch Me’

A new girl group has arrived on the Korean music scene. The group is named Lay-T and consists of 5 members: Areum, Daeun, Woori, Nara, and Sarang. They plan to differentiate themselves from other groups as they fuse the genres of Trot and Disco to make a new genre dubbed Tisco.
On January 10th, the girls officially released their debut single “Lay.T” which includes the tracks ‘Malang Malang‘ and ‘Come Catch Me‘. Earlier today, a video teaser for ‘Come Catch Me’ was revealed.
In case you missed it, their full singles for ‘Malang Malang’ and ‘Come Catch Me’ can be heard below.
Bonus Practice Video:

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