Monday, January 16, 2012

Dal Shabet reveals ‘Hit U’ concept photo

With Dal Shabet’s upcoming fourth mini album ‘Hit U’ set to be released on January 26, the ladies have just revealed a new concept photo for the comeback!
These idols previously showed us their cute image with their songs “Supa Dupa Diva”, “Pink Rocket”, and “Bling Bling”, but this time they are unveiling a maturer side of themselves. With smoky make-up and charismatic appeal, the girls exude a sexy, feminine image. Dal Shabet’s concept photos taken by famous photogopher Hong Jong Hyun.
A staff member from their agency said, “Dal Shabet’s new album ‘Hit U’ will show a whole different side to the group and you will get to see their change and potentional in their new album.
The staff member continued, “[Dal Shabet] are no longer rookies and will be showing a more mature side to each of the members. We hope for your interest and support.

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