Wednesday, January 18, 2012

B.A.P reveals jacket photos for Himchan & Young Jae

B.A.P. revealed the album jacket photos for their last two members recently. The group, including Bang Yong Guk, Dae Hyun, Zelo, Jong Up, released pictures for Himchan and Young Jae.
Himchan, known as the member with a classical instrument background, wore a strong red leather jacket while Young Jae, who has earned the nickname “Brain” after “Ta-dah, It’s B.A.P.“ Young Jae’s soft and sexy voice is reported to meld well with Himchan’s lower, husky sound.
It’s only about one more week until B.A.P. will debut with members “Inversion Rapper” Bang Yong Guk, “Busan Won Bin” Dae Hyun, “15 year old Genius” Zelo, “Dance Shindong” Jong Up, “Instrument Ulzzang” Himchan, and finally “Brain” Young Jae.
B.A.P. will be releasing the teaser for their first music video on the 20th KST, have their official album debut and music video release on the 26th, and their showcase on the 28th.

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