Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nine Muses reveal concept photo of new member, Kyung Li

Yesterday, girl group Nine Muses revealed their comeback concept with their new member, Kyung Li. Following a group teaser, the girls have returned with an individual photo of their eigth member!
Posing with smudged make-up and messy, tousled hair, fans were surprised to see a member being introduced without a proper glammed up photo.
Representatives of Star Empire explained, “We felt that since she’s a rookie that not many people are familiar with, she’d be perfect to express the correct feel of the image we’re trying to convey. This is not just an image cut of Kyung Li, but rather a teaser that encompasses everything about Nine Muses’ comeback.”
21 year old Kyung Li has been a trainee for quite a while and is skilled in both vocals and dance. Nine Muses will be making their return on January 11th.

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