Sunday, October 30, 2011

Block B celebrates their 200th day since debut

Time has flown fast since the first rush of debuts made their emergence in April. On October 30th,Block B celebrated their 200th day since debut with a celebratory cake from their fans.
Kyung posted on his Twitter, “Our 200th day since debut. Thank you!” The boys are currently busily working day in and night out in preparation for their upcoming album, which is tentatively scheduled for January 8th (or earlier).
As they’re known for being self-producing idols, the album is the work of the group’s producers, Zicoand Kyung. The group also recently went on a family special on MBC‘s ‘Starry Night‘ with their Brand New Stardom family, Cho PD and Jung Seul Gi.
Check out some performances from the special below!

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