Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SNSD’s 3rd album Hwabo photos revealed

9-member girl group SNSD  have just released their full-length third album ‘The Boys‘ and earlier today the individual Hwabo and group pictures were revealed through SM Entertainment.
SNSD has achieved an all-kill with their just-released track “The Boys“. They’re dominating major Korean music charts everywhere, as well as breaking the TOP100 on iTunes in the US, as well as climbing to #2 on iTunes Japan.
Check out the pictures below!

~ Kid Leader "Taeyeon" ~

~ Eye Smile "Tiffany" ~

~ Charming Girl "Yoona" ~

~ Black Pearl "Yuri" ~

~ Dancing Queen "Hyoyeon" ~

~ Ice Princess "Jessica" ~

~ Aegyo Queen "Sunny" ~

~ Lively Princess "Sooyoung" ~

~ Maknae "Seohyun" ~

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