Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New rookie group ‘AA’ reveals its first member

Wellmade STAR M, the agency housing famous actors like Ha Ji Won, Kim Seung Woo, Choi Jung Won, and Lee Jong Suk, will be making their venture into the music industry by debuting their 5-member group, ‘AA‘ (“Double A“).
AA revealed their first member, Aoora, on October 18th. Aoora is rumored to be a talented vocalist and a rapper, who’s capable of composing and producing his own music. With his gentle smile and charisma, he will lead the group as the oldest member.
Wellmade Star M revealed, “As a dance major from the Seoul Institute of the Arts, Aoora possesses strong dance skills as well as vocal skills, and stage manners that were fine-tuned by his appearances in musicals and other performances. He is a member who will be able to deliver both visual and audible pleasure that will definitely satisfy the audience.”
It’s also known that the popular Japanese composer and DJ, Daishi Dance, expressed his interest in Aoora’s unique style and asked Aoora to collaborate with him.
Daishi Dance has was worked many famous Japanese artists like Ayumi HamasakiSMAP, and Nakashima Mika. He’s also produced a few works in Korea as well, including Big Bang‘s “Haru Haru” and Rainbow‘s “To Me. He praised, “When I first heard AA’s song through Aoora, I shivered and felt an ecstasy greater than when I first discovered Big Bang.”
AA will make their first debut appearance at the 2011 Hallyu Concert on October 28th.
Stay tuned to K-PopHolic for updates on the rest of the members!!!

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