Monday, October 31, 2011

Brown Eyed Girls release teaser photos for repackaged album

Earlier, we reported that the talented female group Brown Eyed Girls would be releasing a repackaged album. To tease us, the girls just released photos from their 4th repackaged special edition album.
The photos released in this teaser are much different from the concept photos of the ladies fourth official album, Sixth Sense, which was released on September 23rd. If the ‘Sixth Sense’ album’s concept was dark and intense, the photos this time around give off a much more bright and feminine vibe with vivid, colorful eye makeup and lipstick.
Their agency stated, “Despite the two year hiatus, for all the love people have shown the 4th album, this special repackaged album was prepared to express our gratitude for our fans in Korea, as well as overseas… Through the special edition album, we plan to reveal pictures of Brown Eyed Girls that have never been revealed before.”
The repackaged album will be released on November 4th with the original songs included in the ‘Sixth Sense’ album as well as one new title track (a ballad), a film of making of the music video, and a special photospread calendar, and a ‘Thanks to’ written by the members.

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