Thursday, October 27, 2011

MYNAME releases debut music video, “Message”

With a successful debut stage already under their belts, MYNAME is ready to make their mark on the industry with their music video for “Message“!
It’s been just days since their debut, and they’re already receiving several love calls from agencies all over the world, including from Japan. Japan’s ‘Oricon Style‘ expressed an interest in the boys and requested to follow them around to film footage of their debut process for their show.
‘Oricon Style’ will also be dedicating a special page to the boys starting in November to allow fans to keep tabs on their activities. The editor-in-chief of Shogakkan, a major publisher in Japan, also made a visit to Korea personally to report on the boys himself.
Things are only looking up for the group, so check out what they have to offer below!

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