Monday, October 31, 2011

Co-Ed to debut their male unit next year

At the beginning of this year, Co-Ed‘s girl unit ‘5dolls‘ hinted that their male counterparts were in the midst of preparations for their own debut.
5dolls’ Hyewon revealed, “When ‘Co-Ed’ was first created, plans for unit promotions were already being made. There won’t be a disbandment of Co-Ed.  Just like how the girls are getting their own unit, the boys will be making their unit as well and are currently preparing for it.”
Fans have been waiting a long time for an update, and on November 1st, Kim Jungwoo finally delivered one through Twitter.
The idol stated, “The Male unit will be early next year.. It’ll be hard [to debut] this yearㅠㅠ We’ll practice a lot~”
He also expressed some of his worries, as he wrote, “I like practicing right now more so than when we were promoting… I need to practice more in order to make up for anything I’m lacking in… That’s the right thing to do… But I feel a little dreary. I need to work harder to produce a better outcome for the people who are waiting, but my head gets ahead of me and thing aren’t going to way I want it to, so I’m getting stressed out. I should sleep ㅠㅠ Good night everyone~”
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