Thursday, October 27, 2011

New rookie group ‘AA’ reveals the rest of its members

Wellmade STAR M, the agency housing famous actors like Ha Ji Won, Kim Seung Woo, Choi Jung Won, and Lee Jong Suk, will be making their venture into the music industry by debuting their 5-member group, ‘AA‘ (“Double A“).
After revealing their first member, Aoora, and their second member Woosang, AA has followed up by revealing the remaining three members, KimchiJoowon, and Ho-ik.
Kimchi, standing at 182 cm (5’11″) tall, is the main vocalist of the group. He is loved by the other members as the maknae with his cute smile and aegyo. However in contrast to his lovable, mischievous image, he possesses a deep, weighty voice.

Joowon (L), the fourth member, is in charge of rapping and vocals. He is considered the “visual” of the group having been a former model with a height of 183 cm (6’0″) and a perfectly proportioned body. He is also rumored to possess perfect English skills since he has studied abroad.
The last member, Ho-ik (R), is known as the ‘Hyun Bin of Busan‘ with his milky clear skin and prince-like looks. Standing at 185 cm (6’1″) tall and possessing a delicate mid-tone voice, he is determined to capture the hearts of noona fans.
With all the members of the group now having been revealed, AA will take the stage at the ’2011 K-POP Super Concert’ as the only rookie group there out of a line up of famous stars such as KARA, SHINee, T-ara, U-KISS, Jay Park, Se7en, Psy, Big Bang, and ZE:A.

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