Thursday, October 20, 2011

New rookie group ‘AA’ reveals its second member!

Wellmade STAR M, the agency housing famous actors like Ha Ji Won, Kim Seung Woo, Choi Jung Won, and Lee Jong Suk, will be making their venture into the music industry by debuting their 5-member group, ‘AA‘ (“Double A“).
After revealing their first member, Aoora, on October 18th, AA has followed up with their second member, Woosang.
Woosang, who will be turning 21 this year, is a talented member who’s in charge of vocals, rap, and choreography. Although it was reported earlier that Aoora was the leader for the group, Wellmade Entertainment explained that it’s actually Woosang who holds that title.
Wellmade Entertainment revealed, “Woosang is already famous among K-Pop fans for his experience as the choreography director of Korea’s top groups, such as Super Junior and CSJH. With his background as a choreography director, he’s gained much experience as well as skills over the years through many stage performances. He is a genius and a charismatic leader who will create the performances of AA and direct the stage formations himself.”
They added, “In addition to the exotic look in his eyes and the charms of his tall height (about 6′) and masculine body, he also possesses a husky voice with a rough edge.”
Before making his debut as a member of AA, Woosang had already gained attention on YouTubethrough his solo dance video. Netizens who saw the video commented, “I want to see the breath-stopping charisma that he gives off in the video, in real life”, “If Daishi Dance has praised them, I think their talents are probably worth anticipating.”
Check out the video clips below!

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